Friday, December 23, 2011


I know its been a while between posts...but for pretty good reason I believe!
I have been working on setting up many things in my spare time... one of them is what I am calling "PupHed"!
A PupHed is best described as a cross between a blank designer toy and a puppet head.
The PupHed is pretty much a blank canvas for anyone to customize!
There is a lot going on in these early days of the Puphed...and although still very young, I would strongly recommend "liking" the facebook page to keep up to speed with all the PupHed stuff and ever growing community around the PupHed!

PupHed Facebook Page

With that said, here's my latest custom PupHed WIP...

I used Fle
xcut palm chisels and whittling knives for this. Im pretty impressed with how well the pinewood responded to the chisels!

I am thinking this may feature in the up coming PupHed art show!

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