About Wez

Creativity is part of my every day life. Through this gift of creativity I seek to bring new life to that which was once only imagined and try to re-capture the simple, open ended joy that finely crafted, high quality puppets can bring.

Through learning under the mentorship of Prague Puppet Master: Michaela Bartonova (Tineola Theatre), I have strived to merge traditional European puppet building techniques with modern technologies to draw out and encapsulate my own Australian experience.

One of my greatest passions is trying to use discarded Australian timbers that are salvaged, then bringing out the character that was once trapped, unknown and rejected by those who could not see the beauty within. With most Australian timbers collected, the wood is worn with very unique texture and at times this leads to the need to take the hand carving skills gained of the traditional masters, and apply them to power carving. Whenever possible, however, I try to use my traditional hand carving skills. This forces me to get close to the wood, feel its texture and be more precise with my intention. Whatever method I use to carve the puppets I create, I allow the wood to “tell me” what approach will work best.

What I love most about puppet building is seeing the human imagination unlock and unfreeze when confronted by a character. Puppets seem to cry out “bring me to life”. And as such, I see that I have a responsibility… I was created with an incredible gift …a creative imagination, and that gift must be passed on in the hope of sharing just some of the raw, child-like emotion, that I believe the world is in desperate need of.

My aim is to bring a new dimension to the concept of what a puppet actually is and rebuild the understanding that this craft is far from dead. By doing so, I hope to form a new puppet culture within Australia…one that both celebrates and protects our unique environment, one that opens imaginations of both young and old and one that sets a high standard of quality and craftsmanship.

I am by no means a “Master”, as I believe such terms can close off ones heart to gaining new skills, new understandings and new techniques. I hope that what I create only inspires others and reflects the true light within me. Like seeing the uncontrolled cracks and vibrant patterns in the wood, I feel we have a choice…to focus on the damage that others see in our lives…or focus on the true character within.

Puppet carving is not something I do, it is what I am!