Monday, October 31, 2011

Barra boy completed

Today i had the pure joy of completing the long awaited barramundi puppet titled "barra boy".

The wait was mainly due to finding the right method to mount the puppet. Being carved from salvaged rosewood, i needed to find a way to ensure the "fish-like" movement would not break the arm of the puppeteer due to the weight of the fish. By chance i came across an old office chair at my parents house with perfect wheel base.

As mentioned in earlier posts, this Barra was mainly carved using an Arbortech Power Chisel with salvaged Rosewood. The leather piece running through the body is "Mad dog leather".

After some quick, creative wadnt long before the barra was ready for action! This puppet can easily be slid across the floor or table top thanks to the castors. ..allowing all focus of the puppeteer on the movement rather than physical strain! Huge thanks to my parents and sister for allowing me to destroy a potentially "fixable" chair!

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