Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lil' Boy Blue-Ring

Heres a sneak peak of my latest WIP.
I had every intention on posting the carving process...however, this little boy will hopefully feature in my entry for the upcoming PupHed Art Show.
For those who dont know, "blue-rings" are a native octopus of australia. Whilst they may apear harmless...and are anly about the size of your hand...they pack a very deadly punch. Blue-rings are extremely venomous and are one deadly sea creature. It is said that the bright blue flashes may be the prettiest thing you will see...and they may very well be the last thing you see!
The concept of this puppet stems from the idea of creating "australian cautionary tales"...featuring sone of the unique deadly creatures of our country.
Lil' Boy Blue-Ring is a tale of a boy who somehow has survived a blue ring living on his head. The down side to this is that he lives a lonely life...where nobody can trust hime. He is forced to spend his days on the rocks...looking out to the ocean...hoping that someone will come his way...

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