Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sailfish...Back in production

After a stint of not being able to continue the Sailfish due to other proects (such as the Loutky Tea Cart) taking priority...I am happy to say that it is time to get the sailfish completed!

But before I can announce that the puppet is done, there is some work needed.

Today, I was able to get stuck into painting the main detail in the face...

 And then the fun really began... Due to the fact that I want this puppet to resemble the feeling of an "old ship"...I decided it would be best to use genuine model ship parts for the rigging.
After studying some greatly crafted tall ships, I figured that I was set to "tie" my own rigging for the sailfish.
Let me say it now...Those guys who build those ships sure have some skill! Because it took me a while to work out how to rig the rope without it tangling up and causing all sorts of knots and twists.
Yes, yes...I know that this is not how the rigging actually goes...remember...this puppet is as much a work of art as it is a fish...all I needed to achieve was the aesthetic of a tallships rigging on the fish...

 Finally...success... The knots were tightened and things seemed to be working out great!

 Here is a pic of the rigging all set...
And its not over the days ahead, I need to prep the sails and get them set on the fish as well...
What a learning curve this puppet has been!
Stay tuned as the completed puppet is ever so close!

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