Thursday, March 22, 2012

Murray River Princess - Final stages

Many hours of work has finally paid off...
And I am very pleased with the results of the Murray River Princess!

The final stages in construction were very exciting...but it was important to take care and not to rush as one wrong action could destroy the final result.

Once all the paint was dry, I realized that the cod needed a little more colour, so I added in some white to its belly...and it came out great! Then it was time for attaching the body segments to the leather.
Once everything was set in place, it was time to start thinking about the handle. I pulled out an old piece of salvaged rosewood and began to design a shape. May aim was to create a handle that would allow the puppet to be free-standing. After alot of shaping, I came up with a design I was comfortable with - I then sealed it and pollished it.
Now all the parts were ready for the final step...And here it is...I give you...The Murray River Princess!As I mentioned earlier, I am very thrilled with my take on this legendary Australian fish.
It will be somewhat sad to sell it...but it will be a great feeling knowing that it will have a good home. If you are interested in purchasing the Murray River Princess, please get in touch.

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