Monday, March 19, 2012

Murray River Cod Puppet - The Murray River Princess"

It was time to start another puppet...and it happens to be that I had a silly idea.
In Australia, there is a famous endangered fish swimming in one of its great rivers....The Murray River. This fish is highly prized by fishermen...and is one big mother of a fish!
It is known as "The Murray River Cod".
Now, the Murray River is known through out Australia for another thing... Its paddle steamers.
These historical boats still chug up and down the river and are quite the tourist thing to do on the Murray. One of the most famed boats is known as "The Murray River Princess".

I began to think about the decline in the great fish and the boats, both unique to the Murray River...Both in decline from days gone past.

Soon I began drawing and coming up with concepts.
It wasn't long before I had put the two together and was happy with a design...So, I then came across a nice lump of salvaged "White Cedar" that would be perfect for the "Murray River Princess" !So, I rough cut the lump to size...And began carving. The great thing about using White Cedar is that I was able to hand carve...

One thing I didn't expect was the constant rubbing of my hand on the cedar caused a graze and a fair amount of pain in my, for the sake of my hand healing, I decided it may be best to finish the minor details using a "dremel". Then it was time to seal the wood.
Then it was time to segment the body and prepare it for the leather...

So then it was time to prepare the leather and see how it all looked with a test fit...
I am absolutely thrilled with how this "princess" is coming along...
Now the puppet pieces are ready for painting and then its time for final assembly!
As you can see, on the Cod's back it the "helm" cabin of a paddle steamer.
Although I initially planned on carving them, for the sake of strength, I will be making brass chimney stacks to go either side of the dorsal fin.
So stay tuned as this "princess" comes together!

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